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A freebie community
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This is a maker's choice graphics community. Here the makers will make layouts, icons, headers, friends only banners, blinkies, glitters... This isnt a normal community were you can freely request whatever you want and then some one will come along and fill it. Nope, it's not like that. The makers will make a post saying what they will make and how many... The makers do not have to make for you if they dont want to. Each maker is different and can make different things. Have fun :)

Rules you must follow

ALL POSTS MUST BE FRIENDS ONLY. Lets keep the community nice looking!

stars*You may NOT request for other people. Only yourself. If they want something, then can come join themselves, right?
stars*If you earn seven strikes TOTAL, then you are banned. That means if you have one strike on seven makers' lists, you are banned.

starsIf you have requested from this community then you must link us back. If you are just waiting to request something you will use then thats fine, you do not have to link back. I know its a pain at times. But linking back is greatly appreciated <3

stars'Holding spots' will no longer be allowed. Please do not comment asking a maker to hold your spot, because it will not happen.

starsOnly Makers and Mods have posting access. If you have a question for a mod or a maker, or if you have any concerns, Please visit THIS post

starsThings we make in this community are to stay here. If the maker says you can take it some where else then feel free.

starsComment and pick-up your graphics within 7 days or it will be deleted unless the maker wants to be nice enough and keep it saved. Most likely thats not going to happen. You will recieve a strike if we have to ask you 3 times. If you cannot pick it up within 7 days... (going out of town, grounded, ect.) look under "The Other Stuff" Catagory below and click on the appropriate link. If you're having trouble saving your request correctly, see THIS tutorial.

starsPlease have your graphics picked up before requesting new ones. It's not that hard to comment letting the maker know. It makes it easier for everyone.

starsWhen requesting make sure you're still allowed to. If there the maker says they will take 15 request.. and you are the 16, just comment saying that you like the graphic and would like them to reopen one day. We don't want every one having the exact same thing.

starsMake sure you follow the rules in your request or it will not filled and your comment will be deleted. To show you have actually read the rules, in your comment you MUST mispell the word "please" somewhere in your request. (This will change weekly so make sure you check back)

starsNo multiple usernames in this community; if i find some one that has more than one username in this community, they will be banned...no questions asked. Its not fair to the other members.

starsYou must always credit the makers. You DO NOT have to credit the community since the makers most likely make for other communities also.

starsDo not redistibute things made for you. If you know some one that has the same name as you, and they want to use something made for you then ask the maker of the graphic.

starsPlease dont go to the maker's journals asking questions to them or asking for requests.

starsFRIEND the community! If you don't, you can not see the freebies when they're posted, which is quite often. Just friend the community so you don't become a lurker and get kicked out.


The only mod is ME.
OWNER - April * aprilx0x



_fluzzy - Hiatus
jo__angel - Hiatus

If you would like to become a maker post upon this entry.

Be nice :) Link US!

To Make it easier for ya'll, just copy-paste. And always feel free to make another button for the community as well!

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Made By __riotgirl

Made By __riotgirl

Made By __riotgirl


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